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Project news :: AquaRing launch and final workshop announced! :: AquaRing Final Workshop, Acquario di Genova, Italy, Thursday 26th March ... AquaRing - aquaringweb.eu 27.09.2015 22:01:21 http://project.aquaringweb.eu/project-progress.html

Built for Expo 92, the Aquarium of Genoa is an educational, scientific and cultural centre. Its mission is to educate and raise public ... AquaRing - Partners - Aquarium of Genoa - aquaringweb.eu 27.09.2015 22:01:21 http://www.aquaringweb.eu/partners/aquarium-of-genoa.html

What is AquaRing? AquaRing is a European project to set up an innovative semantic demonstration portal for digital content on the ... AquaRing - using AquaRing - aquaringweb.eu 27.09.2015 22:01:21 http://www.aquaringweb.eu/using-aquaring.html

Founded in 1846, RBINS is a Belgian federal institute. A research institute as well as a museum, it houses an exceptionally rich zoological ... AquaRing - Partners - Royal Belgian Insitute of Natural ... 27.09.2015 22:01:21 http://www.aquaringweb.eu/partners/royal-belgian-institute-of-natural-sciences.html

Softeco Sismat SpA is an independent company established in Genoa, Italy in 1979. It is a major supplier of software and IT solutions for ... Softeco Sismat SpA - AquaRing - Partners - Softseco Sismat 27.09.2015 22:01:21 http://project.aquaringweb.eu/partners/softeco-sismat.html

Rotterdam Zoo is a non-profit governmental public zoo as well as a research institute. It is also home to public aquarium The Oceanium ... AquaRing - Partners - Rotterdam Zoo - aquaringweb.eu 27.09.2015 22:01:21 http://www.aquaringweb.eu/partners/rotterdam-zoo.html